What does a

Stewardship Volunteer do?

Typical stewardship activities include:

Invasive species eradication
Includes buckthorn, garlic mustard, honeysuckle, and a host of other nasties. We’ve got ‘em, and we're going after ‘em till they’re gone! We are working with diligence and a plan to make Fenner a more native, diverse habitat. That takes a lot of hands!
Native prairie project
The Stewardship Committee has undertaken a 4-year project to convert nearly 20 acres of our fallow open areas into a combination of shortgrass, tallgrass, and oak savannah native prairies. As most people may never have the opportunity to see these rare and special habitats in their original locations, Fenner is bringing them here for everyone to experience and appreciate. The deer, turkeys, birds and butterflies approve!

Trail chipping
Our 4+ miles of trails are heavily used year-round and require regular maintenance to stay in top shape. Many hands make this light(er) work.
Native gardens/butterfly gardens
With the guidance of the Master Gardeners Capital Area Chapter and Wild Ones Red Cedar Chapter, butterfly gardens and other native wildflower gardens are maintained around Fenner. Care to try your green thumb in the gardens?
Structures and facilities repair

The City of Lansing maintains a lot of the Center, but some things fall on Fenner Conservancy, the nonprofit that manages the daily operations of the nature center. If you’re handy, there’s a good chance we've got something on the list you can help out with.

Other site improvements

The Stewardship Committee is constantly evaluating and exploring ways that we can improve the quality of people’s experience in nature at Fenner. What would you like to see that would make our park better?


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