Stewardship Volunteers

at Fenner

There are lots of ways to get involved!

Anyone can volunteer to help out with stewardship at Fenner. Regularly scheduled work days are held throughout the year. You can find the dates and times of scheduled stewardship events on our calendar. Fill out our volunteer form and select Stewardship as an interest. We will contact you as stewardship days approach. Upcoming work days are also posted here.
Stewardship Team Leaders
A Stewardship Team Leader is a Fenner stewardship volunteer who is able to safely and competently guide other volunteers during stewardship work days. This is a brand-new program beginning Spring 2014. Team Leaders receive training over the course of the year in several areas to help them successfully fill this role. Training will include: Communication and Safety, Plant ID (especially invasive species and poison ivy!), Fenner history & natural history, safe and effective herbicide application, and chainsaw/power tool training. To be a Team Leader you must agree to receive at least most of the training and agree to attend 3 or more stewardship activities per year. You’ll also get a cool hat so that people can easily identify you during work days.
Committee Member
Stewardship Committee members take a more active role in Fenner stewardship, planning annual priorities and organizing work events. Most also serve as Team Leaders. If you want to make a more lasting impact here at Fenner, a seat on the Stewardship Committee might be just what you are looking for!
Corporate Stewardship

Fenner is excited to host volunteer groups from your organization, and more capable than ever with our new Stewardship Team. For groups of 5 or more we will work with you to arrange weekday stewardship activities, or guide you to our next scheduled weekend workday for smaller groups. Corporate support also funds the majority of our activities.


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