Individuals may leave a bequest to Fenner Nature Center. A bequest is a gift made through a donor’s will and is completely free from federal estate tax. We hope you will consider Fenner Nature Center in your estate planning. Memorial gifts and bequests are an important way you can make a long-lasting contribution to the preservation and maintenance of this important place.  If you wish to make a provision in your will, the following general form is suggested:

“I give Fenner Conservancy, a Michigan not-for-profit corporation, located at 2020 E. Mt. Hope Ave. in Lansing, Michigan and receiving mail at 2020 E. Mt. Hope Ave., Lansing, MI 48910, the sum of $______ or ____ percent of the residue of my estate (or specifically described property) for general purposes.”

If you have already named Fenner Nature Center in your plans, we would like to acknowledge your meaningful gift.  Please contact Liz Roxberry at 517-483-4224