You’re invited to celebrate Earth Day here at Fenner with three different social-distanced, self-guided stewardship activities.

When you arrive each weekend, there will be a station set up with instructions, trail maps and materials to get you going on these critical volunteer activities.

April 10 & 11, we need your help to remove trash that has accumulated along the trail lines over the winter.

April 17 & 18, we need your help to pull invasive species like garlic mustard before they have a chance to go to seed and spread.

April 24 & 25, we need your help to spread wood chips and clip back branches to maintain the trail lines.

You will be helping to steward the 134 acres that make up the nature center AND earning an Individual-level membership.

To earn an Individual-level Membership

To earn an Individual-level Membership through the Earth Day Extravaganza,

  1. Participate in all three weekends.
  2. Each weekend, take your picture in our Earth Day Extravaganza photo frame.
  3. Upload your photos to Facebook.
  4. Tag us @fennernaturecenter
  5. Respond to our message about your membership.
  6. Receive your membership in the mail.