Fall 2020

The Apple Butter Festival has been a part of our community for 47 years, and it is a heartbreaking reality that, for the first time in its history, the event simply could not happen.

The festival began as a fundraiser in 1973, when volunteers gathered to peel, slice, and stir apples into apple butter. The apple butter was sold, raising money to support the organization’s programming and operations. Over the years, the fundraiser grew into a widely-anticipated arts and culture event, and its identity evolved from hand-drawn illustrations to designs by local artists and collected by Fenner fans.

Though the event and its imagery look dramatically different from their humble beginnings in 1973, Fenner Nature Center and the nonprofit organization behind it still rely heavily on the revenue generated to continue operations each year. Knowing that the festival’s cancellation would be felt by our long-time attendees, volunteers and heritage artisans, we looked for a way to celebrate the event’s history while offsetting unprecedented revenue losses the organization has faced due to COVID-19.



We came up with the Apple Butter Mask Ask as an alternative way to support the organization and hold on to a small part of the festival with its artwork.

We need Lansing to mask up and help keep Fenner’s traditions, and the community at the heart of them, alive.

Donors contributing $50 through this campaign will receive a limited-edition mask featuring the 2020 Apple Butter artwork, as well as an individual membership to the organization, a $30 value.

Anyone who contributes through this campaign will have the opportunity to add additional masks to their order for $15 each.

Every dollar you donate will help ensure the traditions that these masks celebrate will continue for the next 47 years, and we look forward to these traditions’ return in 2021. Our community has seen us through lean times before, and we know you will again.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Fenner Conservancy and the Apple Butter Festival.