Ages: 4 – 5 years old

Times: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. After Care available 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. for $15/week

Fees: $95 per week; $80 per week for members of Fenner Conservancy


Week 1: June 18-22

Nature’s Master Builders

The natural world is constantly ‘under construction’ by busy builders like termites, spiders, beavers, and bees. Find out how these creatures create and alter the world around them, and see if you have what it takes to build like they do

Week 2: June 25-29

Down by the Pond

Make a splash with our aquatic friends! You will spend your time searching for critters that live in the water, and getting up close and personal with the turtles, frogs, and fish that call Fenner home.

Week 3: July 9-13

The Art of Nature

The beauty of our environment provides the inspiration and materials for this camp where we will paint with pond water, build sculptures, make music, and more. Campers supply the energy and play to transform nature into art!

Week 4: July 16-20

Sensational Animals

The best naturalists know that our five senses are the best tools we can bring with us on a hike. This week we will explore how our senses work and how they compare to animal senses. Let’s find out together if bats are really blind, how a spider senses something in its web, and whether birds can see in color.

Week 5: July 23-27

Gross Nature

Sometimes nature is downright disgusting! Slime, sludge, and sticky situations abound in this camp, where we will spend the week exploring and expelling myths about creepy critters and gross natural phenomena that are often misunderstood.

Week 6: July 30-August 3

Up in the Clouds

Let your imagination soar to new heights in this expedition into the realm of birds, bats, and bugs! Find out how these animals fly and how they have fascinated and inspired engineers and scientists to take to the skies!

Week 7: August 6-10

Mammals of Michigan

Cuddly and cute? Let’s find out! Our furry friends are more than just a pretty face; they are uniquely adapted to survive right here in Michigan. We will spend the week venturing out for a glimpse into the lives of squirrels, deer, bats, and raccoons!

Week 8: August 13-17

Delightful Dirt

Are you ready to get a little dirty? This week, we will be digging in the dirt to learn more about how animals and plants use dirt, mud, and soil. Make a mud pie, watch the worms squirm, and come join in on the messy fun!


Scholarships are available through our Norris Ingells Education Fund for those who demonstrate need. Awards may be up to 50% of your total registration fee, and are distributed based on the availability of funds. There is a $500 maximum scholarship award per family. We cannot accept scholarship applications without a completed registration form and deposit.

Norris Ingells Individual Scholarship Application

For more information, and to register, contact Jenny Mensch, Program Manager, at or 517-483-4224