Fenner Nature Preschool’s mission is to connect the early learners of Lansing to nature through exploration, play, and discovery. 


At Fenner Nature Preschool, children are respected and treated as capable and competent individuals who learn through play. Families are seen as a child’s first teacher and are valued as partners. Teachers serve as advocates for the success of both children and their families. We value being interconnected within our community and both our indoor and outdoor environments serve as the third teacher.

Image of The Child

The first social experience away from home shapes the way the child sees the world from that point on. Children need to feel empowered and see themselves as a truly integral part of the world’s operations. Each child should feel important and needed in his or her environment. Children realize that they have something special to share with their world on each given day; it is our role to allow the child to naturally bring forth what they have inside of them.

Integration Philosophy

Fenner Nature Preschool is a unique environment that integrates carefully planned environments for the child’s essential development with active child led play. Lesson based work fosters the development of intellect, and refines social grace and courtesy while individual imagination and social skills are developed through the opportunities of child led play, motion, and music. The integration of these philosophies allows us to focus on the “whole child”.