The Monarch House is a structure occupying a small space north of the central pond next to our Pollinator Garden. Since Monarch Butterflies have eight stages of life, what you find here will depend on the time of year. You may see oval shaped eggs, black and yellow caterpillars, translucent chrysalises, or butterflies ready to be tagged and released.

This project was created in partnership with Monarch Joint Venture and the Monarch Conservation Science Partnership. As the population of this butterfly species continues to decline, Fenner Nature Center works with these and several other organizations to protect our pollinators. As stated by Executive Director, Liz Roxberry, “the Monarch House demonstrates that urban parks can have a conservation impact and do contribute to the management of critical species.”

This research initiative was made possible through the Giddings Family Trust, in honor of Kathy Giddings who had a love of all things children, community, and nature.