The Visitors Center offers a variety of activities including hands-on, interactive exhibits, collections of live, native reptiles and amphibians, and a viewing area to watch songbirds, deer and wild turkeys. The building is free to enter during open hours and can be found at the top of the hill on the east end of the parking loop.

The renovations made to this area seek to serve individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds that have the desire to learn more about our park, local wildlife, or whatever else in nature captures your interest. These inclusive indoor exhibits take Fenner Nature Center one step closer toward that goal. In an effort to create a sensory safe environment, we installed LED lighting and allergen free carpeting. For those who need or prefer to use assistive devices, we incorporated touch pads, large screen televisions, and a sensory backpack available by request for enhanced learning.

These advancements would not have been possible without the generous giving of the Ethan Blake Woodhams Memorial Fund, Rotary of Lansing, and the City of Lansing.